emiAMBIENTE is qualified in the planning and production of UV installations for the disinfection of waters, characterized by a high efficiency and quality of the materials. Every installation performances are accurately studied to adapt to the customer's demands in order to guarantee an energy saving and an optimal price/quality ratio.

The main technologies developed by emiAMBIENTE are:

Open channel UV systems


UVStream systems are made up by Amalgama UV lamps, efficiently arranged with a modular structure: the lamp number change from 2 to 18 and they are disposed on two lines, provided with their own power supply and an independent cleaner carriage, with a support structure and a lens hood.

UVStream system is easy to clean and maintain. The installation is provided with a self-cleaning system of the quartz of the lamps and the UV detector, adjustable according to the local needs and designed to minimize any operator intervention. A great profit of the UVStream systems is that you can walk on them and this allow the specialists to walk directly on the modules and to easily intervene for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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Pipe UV systems

Lyra e Vega

The Lyra and Vega pipe systems are made up by high and low pressure lamps. The used lamps radiate a high quantity of energy in a wide range of wavelength which cover the entire UV band.

This technology allows a water's disinfection process which produce a total and permanent suppression of the functional activity of microorganisms avoiding the reactivation to occur. Pipe systems are disposed in the line and this guarantee a contained loss of load and a small space requirement which allow far-reaching installations even in small places.

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