In Italy emiAMBIENTE is leader in the treatment and disinfection of waters with UV systems. The company is qualified in the design and construction of UV for the treatment of primary waters, processing water and civil and industrial waste waters. In addition to the UV systems production, emiAMBIENTE offers to its customers a maintenance service, management, supervision and full time technical assistance services.



emiAMBIENTE is one of the first companies in Italy to have been occupied of technologies for the purifying of waters. Since 1994, year of the company constitution, emiAMBIENTE distinguish itself on the market as an authority in the distribution of UV systems, working in the planning, installation and maintenance of the installations.

Changing Industry

Thanks to emiAMBIENTE's viewing, in the last decade, in Italy we assisted to a dramatical development in the UV technologies applications in the waters treatment industry. From this the need for emiAMBIENTE to amplify investments in Research and Development and cooperation with the aim to consolidate this technology. This new approach allows the company to prepare the ground for a future affirmation as technological leader in the UV systems production.

First Production Line

The experience gained in the field and the great knowledge of the problems related to applied UV technology go along with emiAMBIENTE in the path of the realization of a UV systems line for leisure waters.
UVStream came into the world as a product of a technological synthesis for overcoming the applicative problems found in the existent systems.

Expanding the Range

emiAMBIENTE UV installation reception allows new developments in the range of the product applications in pressure systems. Pipe systems are developed with an innovative lighting technology UV, LYRA and VEGA for every customer's need for the flow rate and transparency of the water.


The company continues its productive and technological growth and is deeply established at a national level. emiAMBIENTE looks at the future aiming to European and international commerce.

Certified Company

emiAMBIENTE is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, with respect to quality and the environment.

Selected Materials

The utilized materials are selected basing on stress types to which they are subjected, which goes from the mechanical ones to electrical ones, from the environmental ones to the ones specific for the permanent submersion and for the exposure to the UV radiation.

Partners Reliability

Quality is required to every supplier for the elements, from European companies with respect to the safety standards for the workers and the final user.


Production Control

The production process, constantly monitored eliminates every chance that the produced device can present any malfunctioning.

Every machine and installation produced are tested in the manufacturing before of the delivery and they are sent to the customer with a certification of the test certificate.

ISO 9001 certified company  
ISO 14001 certified company

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UV technology

An efficient alternative to chemical disinfection for civil and industrial waters treatment.

La mission di Emi Ambiente. Disinfezione delle acque per un ambiente piĆ¹ pulito.


The offered products and services are marked by the respect of the environment and human's health.

Research and Development

Continuous investments in R&D with the aim to improve the technology of their own UV systems and exploring new areas of application.

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