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In Italy emiAMBIENTE is a leader in the area of water treatment and disinfection with UV systems. The company oversees the design and the building of UV installation for the primary waters treatment and for processed waters, the sewage disposal and industrial waters. In addition to the production of complete UV systems, emiAMBIENTE offers to their customers the maintenance, management, supervision and full time technical assistance services.

We work for a more ecologically sustainable world.

emiAMBIENTE constantly do is best for the environment and human health promoting the use of non-invasive systems for the disinfection of water. emiAMBIENTE eco-friendly technology is made with a meticulous accuracy for every detail with the purpose to obtain product with high quality features.

The company has a structured and highly qualified team formed by professionals and designers able to satisfy every customer's need and to find an optimal solution to complex issues, thanks also to the Consulting contribution in partnership with University campus.

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Pure water with the UV technology

Pipe systems

Lyra and Vega: UV disinfection systems.
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Open channel systems

UVStream, disinfection system for waters in an open channel.
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UV Treatment

The disinfection of water mechanism through the ultraviolet radiation allow to suppress the microorganisms, to inhibit their reproduction and therefore to guarantee the bacteria to be completely innocuous.

The ultraviolet light will kill the bacteria and viruses by modifying the genetic information of the DNA. The efficiency and goodness of a UV system in the disinfection of the water is measured in terms of reduction of the bacterial burden. Therefore, every system is designed to reduce the number of microorganisms to an acceptable level, which depends from their particular application.

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Application fields

City waters

Treatment of the drinking water for the elimination of risks for human health due to potentially carcinogenic by-products of the disinfection.
Treatment of the drain water from the purifier for the elimination of the chemical products burden from the environment and to preserve the ecosystem of streams, lakes and sea.

Food & Beverage

Thanks to the disinfection through UV systems, we guarantee a safer production and conservation of products and it eliminate the alteration of the product which derive from the use of chemical disinfectants during the production process.

Industrial waste waters

Using UV technology in the industrial waste waters has the main function to protect the environment from the massive insertion of chemical products considered harmful for the ecosystem.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

UV technology for the waters disinfection is used also in the productive process in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. It is important for these sectors to purify waters from every kind of toxic substance to avoid any possible contamination of the final product.

Fish farming

The waters disinfection is fundamental to guarantee the health of the fishes in the fish farms. Through UV technology we guarantee a full safety for the waters treatment in the aquaculture area.

Leisure water

Using UV systems in recreational waters, pools, SPA and thermal allow to limit the use of chemical products, eliminating any negative consequence for the users.

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